Tri-Wall Europe Announces Acquisition

We are delighted to announce that Tri-Wall Europe Limited has acquired 51% of Rosewood Packaging Group.

Driven By Innovation

At Tri-Wall, innovation comes first. Almost everything we do for our clients starts with a design. That’s because a large part of the product packaging we produce is bespoke, designed to meet the specific requirements of each client and their unique product and production capabilities. Drawing on an extensive design library, our award winning design and technical team provide more than just a service to our clients. They’re there to challenge and be challenged to achieve the very best solutions, optimise your processes and save you money.

We’ll visit your production facility first, so that we can see your product in development or being produced. We’ll talk to key members of your team, from quality to logistics, to understand your business fully. This will give us the information we need to create the optimum product packaging design for your business and your supply chain.

Then our experience team of designers will use the latest drawing programmes to create innovative 2D and 3D drawings. These designs are then developed into prototypes and tested in our in-house laboratory to make sure the packaging really works.